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Special retail price  - buy 2012 - The Great Shift here for £10 less than all other retailers. Take up the offer now for this beautiful, extraordinary book.

A definitive guide to the 2012 Mayan Calendar time-shift period. A beautifully designed 260 page, full colour, 8.5 x 8.5 inch book, with 40 full-page images and 12 month 2012 Diary. 5 years of cutting-edge research gleaned from UK seminars is presented in a deeply aesthetic format. Personalise your journey in the Diary and align yourself with cosmic energies, as we head towards the 21st December 2012. This signed copy will be a 'keepsake' and record of your understanding of 2012.

P & P excluded. Price depends on world region.

(+ postage: £5)


Long-knives -Gathering of Dragons is the highly anticipated sequel to The Burning Ground can be personalised with the author's autograph and quotations. It outlines his initial years exploring his role in the epic story of the real historic King Arthur and his ancestral origins. Brutally honest, shocking and deeply personal, it sets out his struggles against psychic attacks and shape-shifting demons who are intent on seducing unsuspecting souls, in the 'killing-fields' of King Arthur's dynastic South Wales' homelands. It is historic, mythic and deeply spiritual as it incorporates classical Roman sources, as well as Celtic, Anglo-Saxon chronicles and local folklore. Please include £3 for p&p.

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The Burning Ground, Tak's first part in a series of auto-biographical novels was published in 2005. The book is personalised and autographed for posterity. It is also on sale in all bookstores and can be purchased on-line, through all major book retailers. 

(+ postage: £3)


The 7 Rays workbook is a companion guide to Tak's two day 7 Rays, Esoteric Psychology workshop. It can also be read independently, as a valuable tool to help one understand their Ray Complement. It is 50 A4 pages in size and is packaged in a clear see-through, plastic file. This easy-to-read guide is a compilation of 40 years of research into the theory and practice of Ray Analysis. (see 7 Ray Esoteric Psychology analysis)

(+ postage: £3)


Tak offers a one-to-one, 90 minute,7 Ray Esoteric Psychology Analysis on CD. The package will include, a crystal pendant, clip or ring appropriate to the individual's needs.  It is an innovative, existential approach to psychology, which guides the individual in his search for self-realisation. It provides practical methods to aid one to know thyself. The effects of colour, crystal, meditation and symbols is incorporated in a totally holistic, self-help approach. 

(+ postage: £3)


Tak offers a unique 90 minute, Esoteric Astrological Interpretation on CD. It includes, analysis of The Soul's Purpose, karmic patterns, spiritual gifts, and past life themes. The package includes pages of research material, relevant myths, meditation symbols and references to classical literature. The analysis is a valuable aid for individuals in search for their spiritual identity. 

( please allow up to 4 weeks from time of booking for interpretation )

(+ postage: £3)


The Skype consultation is a unique one hour, one-to one Esoteric Astrology interpretation, which addresses immediate challenges and circumstances in your life. It will help you grasp the esoteric significance of pending experiences and offer deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses you encounter. It is designed to help you on the path of self-discovery and give you personality and spiritual guidance. Please provide your correct date, place and time of birth and specific questions by email. To book a consultation, payment must be made in advance by using Paypal.


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