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The astrology of the paralympic games

It is well known that Sagittarius rules over all sporting events, especially archery, horse riding, the javelin etc. Able-bodied athletes can be interpreted in astrology as Sun in Sagittarius, as the sun is the symbol of wholeness. In esoteric astrology, the planet Earth is the esoteric ruler of Sagittarius. One of the key words for the Earth is 'lacks wholeness' i.e. some form of disability. It is also the planet of world wars, pain and suffering, brutal and callus attacks which cause human physical suffering. Many Paralympians come from the ranks of servicemen who have suffered the indignity of severe disability in war zones, serving their countries. Yet, through seer focus, courage and determination, all qualities of the highest faculties of Earth as it is linked to Sagittarius, they have overcome the most severe of wounds and competed at the highest levels of athletics - the Paralympic Games! They are true heros, Olympians - overcoming insurmountable odds to compete for their countries, under the banner of fairplay, love of sport, honour and taking part in the most important, global sporting event. Olympians and Paralympians have excelled in these 2012 London Games; the best examples of the most elite of humanity. These are the qualities which distinguish man; the highest and most honourable of all. They are shining examples of human expression - archetypes and role-models of excellence. It is through their Herculian efforts that humanity has the capacity to ascend.    

2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games an Ascension event?

My book 2012 The Great Shift outlines my inspired theory regarding the London 2012 Olympic Games. I never imagined the extra-ordinary 'Light-shows' which ensued! The opening and closing ceremonies were inspired from above! Is there any reason not to view this gathering of the best of humanity as an Ascension event? I don't think so and thousands out there who experienced the awesome effect of humanity's selfless service, group-work and the billions around the planet who watched the event don't think so! Great Britain, London - the heart chakra of the planet, truly enhanced by our humanity's elevating actions became a beacon of light in the solar system. If there is a time where planetary Ascension could take place, then this is it!
We can change the planet; our high thoughts, emotions and actions can bring us closer to Truth, Beauty and Goodness. We, Great Britons have raised ourselves up; helped align our humanity with cosmic purpose, to bring Heaven on Earth! Let's continue with this elevating, positive, shift of energies as we head towards the 21st Dec 2012. Remember the old maxim - ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT!
In Love, Light & Service  

Gaddafi is dead! It's all over or is it?

Gaddafi is dead - long live the people's revolution! The brutal abuse of his body is a symptom of Arab justice. Who can blame them! 42 years of domination, dictatorship and tyranny has come to an end. Uranus was in Libra 42 years ago - he was viewed as a liberating force (Uranus in Libra)   for his country. Now 6 astrological signs on, Uranus is in Aries, the 'mid-life crisis point' in its life-cycle!   Libya is going through the birth-panges of a new phase in its history. A people's revolution has toppled the dictator's iron grip on the country. Ironically his 'Golden Gun' a symbol of his dictatorial power and extravagance   was astrologically represented at his   murderous demise. Mars was in Leo   at the time of his capture.   Mars is the gun and of course his bloody murder and Leo rules gold,   royalty and power! Yet again Esoteric Astrology   illustrates and sheds light on   world events and demonstrates it practical application.      

Fall of a Tyrant - people power is invincible

The 'Mobile Phone Revolution' (Uranus in Aries) continues to sweep through Northern Africa, where Colonel Gaddafi's brutal regime in Libya has reigned for over 40 years. His dictatorship rule is in its 'death throws' as it tries desperately to cling on to power! Uranus was in Libra 40 years ago when he was hailed as a liberator in his country; now he is the tyrant and his people are crying out for liberation! Uranus the esoteric ruler of Libra is 'shifting and moving', bringing down dictatorships around the Mediterranean Sea. Indeed the whole area was once under Roman rule, as its empire stretched like a Libra heiroglyph around Central Europe, Turkey, Syria, Mesopotamia into Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. The Roman Empire was ruled by Libra and now with Saturn's transit in the sign and Uranus opposite in Aries very soon, it seems the 'Empire' and its corrupt generals are falling all over again! Tyranny and dictatorship are ruled by the 1st Ray of Will & Power; Gaddafi will never desert his position, he will maintain it at all costs and die in the process, destroying everything in his wake! (all 1st Ray vices) The 'Will' of the people is gathering momentum; they sense freedom and liberty is in their grasp! Gaddafi's time is ebbing away, but he won't go quietly. Our goodwill and support goes out to all liberators of Libya, democracy and right Human values will always prevail.     

Internet revolution - Facebook & Twitter users make giant waves in Egypt

The W.W.W. is essentially an Aquarius heiroglyph and therefore comes under its rulership. Esoteric Astrology proposes Neptune rules over Cancer, hence the masses in the public arena. It has been slowly transiting Aquarius for almost 13 years, but know it is joined by a stellium of 'fast moving planets', bringing in a 'sea of giant waves' (Neptune in Aquarius) of liberation and independence after years of tyranny, suppression and corruption (Jupiter in Aries conjunct Uranus in the latter degrees of Pisces). The press have called it an 'internet revolution', engineered by 'messaging' which moblised the masses in popular revolt! Indeed if we observe the recent events unfolding in Tahrir square, Independence square,(more representative of a circle, especially the planet Earth which is in Leo at present, ruling circular structures and pain, isolation and deep hurt) we would see a 'sea of flags and tents' (Neptune in Aquarius) in support of the expulsion and exile of Mubarak (Earth in Leo). Leo rules over Egypt and the Sun-worshipping high kings of Egypt's Pharaonic dynasties and even the Sphinx, we can also observe the Pyramids set as a backdrop behind the Sphinx as an Aquarius heiroglyphic influence. It is no coincidence that 'the king-pin' (Leo) of the Middle East is being rocked by a people's revolution, in this deeply esoteric land. It seems to me that this mass human uprising is releasing blocked energies which have been 'capped' (Leo rules hats) for centuries! This is the beginning of the planetary change we have been patient waiting for; a time-shift period fuelled by internet technology, a communication medium which cannot easily be suppressed or controlled, which the Mayan's (another Sun-worshipping race - Leo dominated) predicted many Suns ago! 

Motivation of the masses

Revolution has swept through Egypt (Earth in Leo opposition to Sun/Mars in Aquarius)   mobilising 'waves of violent protests by the masses' (Mars conjunct Sun in Aquarius moving daily closer to Neptune in Aquarius). Mubarak's autocratic regime has lost its oppressive grip over the people (Uranus in Pisces), who are rebelling against his 30 year rule (a Saturn cycle). It is time for change and people power is ushering it in, despite the stubborness of a leader who is crystalised in his intent! It was the rise of people power in the New Kingdom, which signaled the death-knell of Akhenaten's unorthodox rule and his exile. He was an initiate Sun King who instigated an extraordinary rebellion against the 'old gods' installing the Aten in their place as a divine monotheistic principle. Of course there are parallels to Mubarak's rule, but Akhenaten was a divinely inspired Pharaoh with a mission to anchor Light. Mubarak was never an inspiration nor an innovator, but he was a stable influence in the Middle East. Egypt is on a knife-edge and its place as a 'Western friend' could be in the balance. Yes rebellion can bring the most unexpected results which could destablise a country, a continent and even a planet!      

Explosions, religious and political unrest, revolution and scandals - Uranus/Jupiter extremism marches on

The recent unrest in Tunisia, after the death and martyrdom of a fruit seller has sparked off widespread riots and demonstrations around many Arab countries. The most prominent, Egypt has suffered major protests and unrest in Cairo, Sinai, Suez and Alexandria. Egypt's president Mubarak has allegedly escaped the country and gone into hiding at a location in London. The opposition leader of the National Front Campaign, Elbaradei has joined in the protests fueling the resignation of Mubarak who has ruled the country for 30 years. There is certainly rebellion and anarchy in the air which is spreading like wildfire around the Middle East! As Uranus and Jupiter spend their last few weeks of sojourn in Pisces, they are mobilising the masses to protest against inequality, lack of basic necessities whilst corruption is rift in the ruling classes! These powerful shifts of energies will continue to overwhelm the world's corrupt regimes, giving back power to the people.

As I have stated in my article regarding the conjunction, Humanity is on the frontiers of a new global revolution, similar to the events leading up to the rise of the ugly head of Fascism 84 years ago. Other Piscean issues continue to emerge in a last gasp effort as Uranus/Jupiter's conjunction blasts through the last degrees of the sign. Terrorist bombs explode in Moscow, bombs have been uncovered in northern Belfast, Northern Ireland and even Ireland's Prime minister Brian Cowen's resignation from the leadership of his Fianna Fail party have been victims of the transits. Ongoing scandals regarding 'phone hacking' of celebrities by News of the World reporters have emerged and are being investigated by the Metropolitan Police! The conjunction is certainly not 'escaping' our space quietly. What else is it going to released before they embark on their fiery initiation of Aries?   

2010 a planetary clearing of the slate

As we embark on a New Year and edge towards the beginning of a major Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Aries astrological cycle in March, what are we to expect? The planet has gone through a major catharsis, impacting   most aspects of Humanity. The spate of recent ugly and destructive student protests against the rise in tuition fees is symptomatic of this. The Sun was in Sagittarius then making a tense angle to Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces. We   experienced the worst 'Earth' aspect, but also the right to peacefully protest against legislation. Sagittarius and its esoteric planetary ruler Earth embody these vices and virtues as it rules over higher education, human rights, legal protest (with Uranus/Jupiter in Pisces), but also   delinquency, terrorism, violence and destruction of property! We also had a 'u-turn' by the Pope in his stance on contraception! He stated it was a lesser evil in the world and its use (condom) would help control the rampant spread of AIDS and STD's and therefore save lives! Over the last few days we have seen unprecedented floods in Queensland, Australia, another symptom of Uranus/Jupiter in Pisces. Pisces rules rivers, Uranus rules flat surfaces ie, land and the Jupiter influence 'pours out' uncontrollably. Of course Jupiter also rules expanses, large, vast enormous are all keywords. Its link with erratic Uranus with its unexpected energies has exaggerated   its effect causing the devastating chaos which Queensland is experiencing! It's certainly doesn't bode well as Happy New Year for them, but there must be esoteric reasons for it.        

Uranus/Jupiter retrograde movement throwing up more shit hitting on the fan!

The recent surge of devastating slurs on the world's pop idols, sports stars and religious leaders continues apace! George Michael and his drug improprieties, Boxer Ricky Hatton's penchant for 'snorting' and Wayne Rooney 'plumbing other people's drains instead of his own'! The recent 'Koran Burning' by an obscure Evangelical pastor threatened world peace, creating a 'wave of potentially catastrophic religious fervour' (Uranus/Jupiter retrograde in Pisces). It was a protest about building a Muslim centre near Ground Zero! The question is why now after the 9th anniversary of the infamous event! It's the last time Uranus/Jupiter will be in religious Pisces and it's not going quietly!

Pope Benedict's visit to the U.K., (incidentally the   last time a Pope visited our shores was 28 years ago -Saturn cycle) has stirred up a hornet's nest again regarding his pedophile protectionist church policies. Hundreds of men and women who were abused as children, when under the protective embrace of the Catholic Church, have hit the streets in protest in many major cities around the U.K! As I have said in my article (see article page), the heavy hand of karma is 'clouting' the Catholic faith around the face in many countries, where pedophilia in the churches is covered over and has gone 'under ground'. Pope Benedict's authority has been undermined and many are asking for his head! There is no doubt the Catholic church has to change and become more transparent or thousands more of their faithful flock will desert them.    

Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces dishing out sleaze again!

The recent retrograde motion of Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces has 'flushed out' a number of accusations of sleazy going-ons. Clearly, the sporting world is yet again tarnished with gross disrepute! (see Uranus and Jupiter in Aries article).

The doctor who was prosecuted for gross misconduct for covering up a scandalous, 'bloody mouth' injury of a premiere rugby player. The international Pakistani Cricket teams' betting scandal, as well as international footballer Peter Crouch's sexual indisgretions have put the spot-light firmly on sport and it's codes of ethical and moral conduct.

Even squeaky-clean Foreign Secretary William Hague has been singled out for suspicious homosexual relations with one of his political aids. He has had to resort to clearing his name by exposing some of his most intimate relationship issues, which may put strain on his marriage!

It is typical of Jupiter and Uranus's final sojourn through the sign of secrets, scandals and personal undoing. There could well be more 'dirty washing' hanging out to dry; watch this space!      

Anglo Saxon Gold my ass!

I was furious a few nights ago when the BBC presented the documentary on the 'Anglo-Saxon gold hoard' discovered by a local amateur metal detector in Staffordshire. I should have been prepared for the 'shocking revelations' as the discovery was all over the nation's newspapers weeks ago. I am reaching the final chapters of 'Treachery of the Long Knives', the final part of my spiritual autobiography. It describes my 10 years in Wales after my 'Burning Ground' experiences! It chronicles my efforts to establish 'Light Working' projects and generally trying to link up with like-minded 'New Agers'. It also outlines Celtic Britain's ancient origins and turbulent history; it was attacked and infiltrated first by Roman and then Germanic pagan tribes. This time, called 'The Dark Ages' was when the Romans left native Britons to defend themselves and the historic King Arthur battled these barbaric Anglo-Saxon heathens for the realm of Britain. No the gold isn't theirs, it was raided and plundered from the true Britons, the Christian British Celts who had to unite under Arthur to defend their lands, culture and religion against the scum who were to become the English in due course! (no offence to all you present day English) 

It was clearly evident from the BBC's programme that most of the gold objects, beautiful, ornate and intricately designed were Celtic! The branding of Celtic braidwork, loops and sacred designs on sword hilts, fittings, bits of helmet as 'Saxon' made my stomach twist and churn! That mangled Celtic Cross which was wrenched from some religious artefact and bent over its 'bejewelled heart' was the last straw; it was just like a dagger in the heart to me! Why in the name of God would good 'Saxon Christians' deface such a sacred religious symbol if they were servants of Christ? The truth is that these mercenaries, black magicians and debauched usurpers sole purpose was to degrade and debase the original Christianised Celts, the Britons and to blacken their sacred sites with their dark energies!

Yes it's 'The Treachery of the Long Knives' all over again; a dark period in Celtic history where Anglo-Saxon murderers invited to a peace treaty, butchered 300 British Celtic nobility at a feast in honour of truth, alliance and unity. This is another stab in the heart by historians and academics who have, through history denied and undermined our Celtic British history, language and faith. Shame on you!

The Pope, paedophilia and scandals resurface to rock the foundation of the Catholic Church

A few months ago in my astrological class we talked about the possible effects of Jupiter's transit in Pisces over the coming year. I indicated that its link to transiting Uranus would throw up a whole host of scandals and cover-ups, especially implicating The Pope and the international Catholic Church. One would have expected a benign effect with Jupiter's renowned philanthropic, generous and harmonious energy passing through, sacrificial, devoted, sympathetic and sensitive Pisces. Not in this case where Jupiter's expansiveness connected to the most perverse of Uranian energies has exposed world-wide sexual abuse cases within the ranks of the church (USA, Ireland, Germany, Holland). In Esoteric Astrology the Catholic Church comes under the rulership of Pisces, with its emblem the 'chri-rho' clearly the hieroglyph of Pluto, its Esoteric Ruler! Pisces at its best succours vulnerable victims of society, giving charity and shelter to lost souls.The Uranus/Jupiter conjunction however has exposed horrenous and veinous crimes inflicted on these poor souls; rape, sodomy, paedophilia and torture which has brought to light the 'satanic' element within the core of the Catholic Church! We must applaud the courage of some of these damaged souls, who are now beginning to be counted, but hundreds of others have chosen to suffer in silence. We must send our healing energies out to them, in the hope they can forgive their perpetrators and redeem their dignity. Again the just hand of Saturn's scythe (Saturn in Libra) is settling a heavy karmic score for the sins which The Holy Roman Catholic Church has inflicted on Humanity through the ages!          

Saturn's back up to his old tricks again

Saturn's sojourn   of Libra is dragging us through the most crisis laded time for over 30 years. Its last transit of the sign brought about widespread national strikes which crippled the country. Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government broke the stranglehold that the Unions had on the UK's nationalized industries. We are reliving similar times with British Airways, Royal Mail, British Rail and other post nationalized companies out on strike or threatening to walk out, causing mayhem and chaos to the country's services. Cameron's Conservatives are on the march heralding a new phase in the political fortunes of the country as well!

Another interesting parallel is Libra rules the car by its morphological car shape and its function. The world's car manufacturing industry (Saturn in Libra) has experienced major losses with some well respected international marques folding or under threat of bankruptcy (Pluto in Capricorn). To kick-start the industry the car scrapage scheme (Saturn in Libra - old cars scraped) provided a welcomed reprieve but it was only a temporary and false short term solution. Saturn's woes and throws continues to blight the industry especially Toyota the popular and well respected Japanese car firm. Saturn rules over safety, strict standards and reputation, which in Toyota's case has been irretrievably damaged by numerous, serious safety issues, some resulting in fatal crashes. This has brought the company 'to its knees' (anatomically ruled by Saturn) crippling its standing in the car manifacturing industry   (Saturn in Libra), with some aggrieved owners filing massive lawsuits for compensation (Saturn in Libra).There is a karmic pay-back taking place here, or a cosmic conspiracy against Japanese companies - JAL the nation's, well respected, air carrier has suffered a fall from grace as well, recently having to declare itself insolvent (Saturn in Libra rules air travel).                  

Cults, sects and clandestine coverups

Been watching the news in US lately? A 16 year old girl-wife of a middle-aged member of the FLDS ex-Mormon sect, who advocate multiple marriages with minors,   phoned the authorities to claim that she had been sexually abused for years. The sect live by 'strict moral codes', religious values and lifestyle, which have not changed in over 100 years.

  It prompted the Police to raid the ranch in El Dorado, Texas and remove some 500 children, mostly female, from the arms of their despairing mothers. Their actions to protect children from further sexual abuse caused an outcry, both in their communities and the 'outside' world! Of course they acted, with the children's safety and well-being in mind, but have they the right to wrench these poor children away from their mothers, homes and Puritan religious values? They are planning to re-house them, in foster families and care homes, but that could do more harm than good!

There is no smoke without fire! It turns out that   the girl in question has not been identified and the accused   had left the community months ago and was living many miles away!   Is there some sort of conspiracy going on here? Maybe the C.I.A. are involved? The government has been after the sect for years, due to evasion of payment of taxes. Could it be a setup or is the sect harbouring a bunch of paedophiles?

At the same time,   The Pope made a timely visit to the US, the first   Pope to visit in 30 years! He   had come to embrace his flock, some of which are 'Black Sheep'! He was warmly welcomed and performed mass at   numerous locations. He was deeply concerned about the child abuse cases within the church and especially made references about ' the   irretrievable damage inflicted on innocent children', in the hands of his Clergy!

The   astrology is important during this period! Saturn in Virgo represents The Pope, ( 30 year Saturn cycle), old, Patriarch in white. It also represents the sect and its 'Puritan' religious value structure. Uranus, Venus and a   trigger Moon, were in the opposite sign of Pisces. This links to unorthodox religions, sexual misdemeanor's against young, naive and pure children, especially girls ( Venus, Moon link). We also have the conspiracy aspect, both with suspected C.I.A. involvement and the   coverup within the Catholic Church! One thing is for sure, the victims are mostly female and children!

Interesting angle, The Lone Star of Texas is also the   ancient symbol   for   the feminine and the planet Venus, The Morning Star in the heavens!  

Burningground statement

BURNINGGROUND is an organisation partly responsible for externalising Ancient Wisdom teachings. It specialises in continuing Theosophical, Arcane and Claregate teaching, in the language of the day. BURNINGGROUND welcomes new members and contributions from those who have an affinity with the work. Tak especially puts out a call for his former, fellow Claregate students. Reveal yourselves and link up again, to continue the important service work. Group work is essential as we express ourselves in the Aquarian Age.


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