Chris presents a series of articles outlining the predictive, psychological and spiritual nature of Esoteric Astrology. Its cutting-edge wisdom tries to shed light on world events and crisis points. The New Astrology is a synthesis of ancient mystery teachings, 21st century astrology and symbolism.   



Mayan round


The article below is the introduction to my book 2012 - The Great Shift.  (see books page for further information and the shop page to purchase the publication).

'Right now each person and group is going his or her own way. The elder of the mountains said there is hope if the people of the light can come together and unite in some way.

We live in a world of polarity - day and night, man and woman, positive and negative. Light and darkness need each other. They are the balance.

Just now the dark side is very strong and very clear about what they want. They have their vision and theirpriorities clearly held and so their hierarchy. They are working in many ways so that we will be unable to connect with the 5thWorld in 2012'

Mayan Elder 

Let's just highlight the most important statement of this book:

'EARTH IS NOT GOING TO END -We are changing and the Earth is changing with us! Our Human energies are taking the planet to 'the tipping point' - self-destruction or salvation? It is our choice! We can transform it into a new world of hope, with an enlightened Humanity at its helm. It all depends on us!

The Mayan calendar Hollywood, blockbuster disaster movie called 2012, exploded onto our cinema screens on the 13thof November 2010. It depicted Humanity and the planet experiencing 'Armageddon', the Apocalyptic 'End of Days' scenario, where the Earth and all its kingdoms faced total annihilation, with only a select number of pure souls surviving to 'seed' a new Humanity. Certainly the grim reality is all too clear to us today, with continuous human and planetary crisis and catastrophes, being smeared all over our international news networks, creating a climate of dread and fear! If you input 2012 on Google and link to YouTube, you are faced with a continuous stream of video clips, with the same negative message and propaganda! I am acutely aware of the impact all this 'gloom and doom' can have on our 'spirits' - Energy follows Thought!


Let's highlight the truth about 2012 and understand this - one thought, one man's ideas and actions can change the world! The fasting of Mahatma Ghandi, the incarceration of Nelson Mandela and most recently the self-immolation and martyrdom of Mohammed Bouazizi in Tunisia - these truly courageous individuals sparked off rebellions against tyranny, creating 'waves' of truth, liberation and freedom! I am not for one instant placing myself into this most inspiring and self-sacrificial echelon of world heroes; I can only humbly walk in their shadows. If though, through the message set out in this book, you are inspired to rise up and unite in a common good cause, for the sake of the salvation Humanity and the planet, then my humble seeds of hope have flowered and helped create 'Heaven on Earth, a new Eden and more enlightened human race!

Yes, it's a 2012 diary and a companion guidebook all in one! It is designed to easily fit into your handbag or 'man-bag' and provide you with moments of inspiration, where you can align with its positive message at any time of the day or night! It is a detailed, practical and thought-provoking overview of the latest scientific and spiritual observations on the subject; as well as what we can glean from ancient teachings of the east and the Mesoamerican high cultures such as the Mayans and the Aztecs.

It was ancient Mayan prophesy which started the 'wild-fire' of ideas and ignited a frenzy of misinterpretation and negative propaganda regarding the 2012 end of the world scenario. It initially was brought to our attention by Mayan researcher and calendar expert Dr. José Argüelles in 1987 with a historic gathering called 'the Harmonic Convergence'. He informed Humanity that we needed to mend our ways and re-align with cosmic vibrations and time. He stated that we were 'out of sync', but we only had 26 years to redress the balance! Well, needless to say, the world's religions and political powers 'laughed in his face' and totally disregarded his message which was based on the Mayan's sacred calendars. Unfortunately, José passed over in the early part of 2011, but we have highlighted his sacred message to the world in my13 Moon magic and Mayan time-change section. It has fortunately been addressed in spiritual circles, where we are beginning to understand why cataclysmic changes are taking place more frequently as we head towards the 21stDecember 2012. What did the ancient Mayan's know, and are their predictions true? Have they really got something to do with the chaos and upheaval we are going through at the present?



chichen Iza equinox


The answer is irrefutably yes! The Mayans predicted the 'End of Time' on the 21st December 2012 over 2300 years ago! They prophesied that we would face a critical, crisis-laden time when their 5thSun and 4th Earth would cease to exist! It is deemed to be the end of their World Age, a 5,125 year period which commenced in 3114 B.C. and will end - you guessed it - on the winter solstice, 21stDecember 2012! Coinciding with this awesome planetary event, the Mayans as well as astronomers tell us that our solar system, Sun and planet Earth will align with the centre of the galaxy! This stupendous cosmic event happens every 26,000 years and is called a Great Astronomical Year. It will not happen again, well into our distant future 26,000 years from now, so aren't we really lucky? Within the last 8 years, leading up to 2012, another momentous double event happens. It is called the Sun - Venus - Earth alignment and is a high moment in their calendars. They worshipped Venus and its synchronised 'dance with Earth' in the heavens, as it sequenced cycles of 13, the Mayan's sacred number! In essence we are heading towards a new time-change period where a new World Age is being born. There are signs and symptoms of a sick Earth, but the truth of the matter is it is not going to happen over night; the lights won't suddenly 'blackout' on the 21st December! There is much misinformation, confusion and down-right scare-mongering regarding the so called 'Armageddon, End of Days' scenario. Mayan Elders are deeply concerned about the misinterpretation of their predictions. Some unscrupulous commentators have been spreading a message of doom, gloom and fear to hold and control human energies, thereby dampening the efforts and effects of positive spiritual initiatives.

Other ancient tribal cultures from the 4 corners of the globe, resoundingly share the same message as the ancient Mesoamerican civilisations. What do the Hopi Indians, the Dogon tribe of Mali, West Africa, the Aboriginal cultures of Australia and New Zealand prophesy in their ancient teachings for 2012? Certainly, we have reached the 'tipping point', a period where we can set in motion the potential transformation of our Earth. Humanity is on the threshold of this great shift, which has been predicted and heralded by ancient peoples for eons. My section onAncient Prophesies sets out some of these tribal wisdom teachings which all seem to be saying the same thing!

According to spiritual movements, great shifts of consciousness and planetary changes have progressively been manifesting as far back as the late 19th century; but in the early 60's the 'Hippy' movement in California inspired thousands of young souls to rebel against the establishment and embrace love, music and spirituality as an antidote to the world's wars and political machinations. Ancient wisdom and New Age teachings state that we are experiencing a 'New Renaissance Period', where a spiritual revival is taking place and it is sweeping through progressively, transforming even the most materialistic aspects of Humanity. This rebirth of ideas has been stirring up a new consciousness and awareness, which is being released after aeons of religious suppression. The New Age of Aquarius is here and it is 'pouring out' its inspired message:

                'Man know thyself for the treasure of treasures lies within you.'

The 'sleeping giant' of Humanity is waking up to a new reality - we are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience! The reality is we are here to express our soul's purpose and we are on a soul's journey; as each one of us evolves, our human efforts help the evolution of our community, our country, our Earth, the solar system and beyond into the furthest reaches of the Universe! I have illustrated this awe-inspiring spiritual principle - As Above so Below in the book; it embraces a cosmic truth also more recently known as All - is in the Sm-all. This spiritual awakening is part of an evolutionary Quantum Leap for Humanity, where we take the next big step in our collective evolution. The section on The Indigo children outlines their highly important role during this extraordinary phase of human evolution. A new paradigm has been gathering momentum and has started transforming all realms of Humanity; it is happening right now and spiritual people the world over are leading the way. They have been inspired frontiersmen setting the pace, laying down the ground-work and helping us to prepare for a new world.

We are now poised on the precipice of a great transformation and planetary healing, which is often referred to as Ascension. It can be understood in Christian terms as the Ascension of the Christ, but it can also refer to the spiritual ascension of Humanity. We can instigate this awesome experience by aligning ourselves with cosmic vibrations through positive world-wide initiatives, such as Heart-felt Global Coherence. Astoundingly, NASA astrophysicist Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher's research in the 80's 'stumbled' across evidence that brainwaves and human emotions can influence the Earth's magnetic field! Her Global Heart Coherence is all to do with focussing positive, collective thought-forms and directing them towards world trouble-spots; something like a laser beam of pure goodness!

Another way is to embrace Ancient wisdom teachings such as Theosophy, which have provided us with ways to achieve spiritual Ascension. Alice Bailey, the former National Secretary of the Theosophical Society in the USA and founder of the Arcane School, had an intimate, deeply spiritual link with a master being called D.K. Through him, she channelled immense wisdom teachings and the Great Invocation, a universal prayer, which has helped Humanity heal the wounds it suffered over 2 World Wars. I will show its significance, how to align with its spiritual message and incredibly why it is linked to the 2012 Olympic Games in London!



Vitruvian man


Chris Street, the author of London the City of Revelation(2010) has uncovered a series of energy-lines following sacred geometric Earth-Star patterns which interconnect in the vicinity of central London and its suburbs, but also extend in all directions, aligning with Britain's megalithic sites. He theorises that the Earth-Stars act as a 'stellar gateways', grounding cosmic energies pouring out from the centre of the Sun. Could the Earth-Stars be instrumental in attuning Humanity and help elevate our consciousness especially during the 2012 Olympic Games in London over the summer months?

Whilst we are facing ever threatening crisis and change, it is not easy to extend our consciousness to embrace positive attitudes of mind. We are plagued consistently with 24 hour satellite TV; news reports of terror, murders, destruction, natural disasters, political, financial and social unrest are beamed live into our living rooms. The media has created a monster which thrives on a need for sensationalism and immediacy, reinforcing oppression and fear over the masses. What we need is to align ourselves with a network of 'glad tidings' and positive good news, where we can bathe ourselves with beauty, truth and goodness. The W.W.W. is criticised for its easy accessibility to all manner of man's warped fantasies and desires. Social networking sites can be preying grounds to feed the perverted minds of monsters and social misfits. However, we, the spiritual frontiers people of the New Age can align ourselves with groups, wisdom teachings and spiritual initiatives, to redress the balance. We can become beacons of light in the nefarious oceans of life, guiding small vessels into the open arms and bosoms of salvation.

The 2012 companion guidebook and diary will help you understand your role in the whole scheme of things. Align with its positive message, study and investigate its wisdom, embrace its purpose and it will help you empower yourself and others around you. The simple message is, one man, one man's idea, one man's thoughts and actions can create a revolution of positive change which can resonate and resound throughout the world. Join me at this time, on this momentous spiritual journey. Unite and inspire others; collectively we can reach the 'critical mass' needed to ascend and create 'Heaven on Earth', a new Eden and an enlightened new Humanity as we approach the 21st December 2012.  




(researched and written 20th March 2010 - published 30th May 2010)




Astrologers around the globe are anticipating the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in Aries with excitement, trepidation and a degree of 'expect the unexpected' syndrome. It is well known in astrological circles that Uranus is the planet of 'awakening', both in orthodox and esoteric astrology. It is characterised by its potent 7 year cycle where it brings us to the brink of anarchy, rebellion and sheer tyranny, both on an individual and collective level. It shatters all convention, ushers in a new order and behaves in a cranky, eccentric and weird fashion!

 Uranus as the Esoteric Ruler of Libra brings all relationships under scrutiny, causing great instability and erratic behaviour, totally uncharacteristic of its gentle, diplomatic and peace loving zodiac sign. The saying 'don't throw the baby out of the bath with the dirty water' springs to mind! This leads us aptly to Jupiter's influence as it is the Esoteric Ruler of Aquarius. Jupiter through Aquarius the Water-bearer rules all objects which pour out energy - jugs, buckets, baths, sinks and all vessels especially large sea-going ships and mega transport super tankers. Zeus/Jupiter the King of the Gods blesses us with benevolence, expansion, friendships and groups especially where humanitarianism, spiritual consciousness and unity are concerned. The main keyword for Aquarius is:-  'I know'- 'man know thyself for the treasure of treasures lies within'. Good humoured and seen as the planet of opportunity and luck, its influence can be totally opposite when it is coupled with malefic planets such as Uranus, Saturn and Pluto.

The Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces over the last 6 years has 'surged out' a whole host of secrets, scandals, lies and cheating, out into the open. We have experienced it in our British political system where expenses scandals and sleazy accusations of blatant abuse of M.P.'s privileges have been exposed. Uranus the E.R. of Libra has shattered 'the old way of doing things' ushering in a new system where total transparency is the law. Following on we have had the sex scandals which have plagued some of our celebrities; idols (Pisces) in the populace and role models of our youth. Golfer Tiger Woods, footballer John Terry and Take That star Mark Owen, individuals with high profiles have been exposed for unjustified transgressions which have affected their status professionally and personally.

The long hands of sleaziness and scandals have even reached the doors of The Catholic Church, where paedophilia is rife; it has gone unchecked for years under the noses of Bishops, Arch-bishops and even The Pope himself! Wolves under the guise of sheep feeding off their flocks; innocent young boys and girls, put under the protective bosom of Mother Church have been violated and sexually abused by 'Satanic' elements within its core! Even some unjustified anti-Catholic propaganda has blemished (Pluto E.R. of Pisces) the reputation and faith of The Holy Roman Catholic Church. Best selling books and films such as Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code have added more fuel to the fire! These part fiction part truth stories have made us question the true nature of faith and Jesus Christ's role in Christianity. Even He was blemished in the narrative, marrying 'the whore' Mary Magdalene and fathering a child who supposedly carried the 'San Greal' - the holy blood of Christ in her veins. It seems that Roman Catholicism (ruled by Pisces) has been the 'whipping boy' at this critical time; indeed She has become a scapegoat and sacrificial lamb to the slaughter! Brotherly love and extreme rebelliousness seem to be very awkward bed-fellows; one intent on shattering orthodoxy for eternity, the other trying desperately to gather up some valuable fragments to paste together forming a new vessel.

The autocratic and rebellious energy of Uranus in Aries was last experienced 84 years ago where the world endured the disastrous effects of the 1st World War. It was the start of a massive re-building initiative with new forms of leadership and government being forced upon Humanity. Uranus graces the 12 astrological archetypes in succession every 7 years culminating in Pisces in its long travail around the zodiacal family. We have endured and explored a vast array of experiences along our path only to take to the road again. Interestingly, the new epoch heralds the great awakener Uranus charging into Aries at the end of May staying conjoined with Jupiter until August. They will 'retrograde' into Pisces and emerge again together in March 2011.These highly volatile, fiery and forceful energies will usher in a new phase for a year, where Jupiter's gentle, humanitarian and holistic mantle will 'buffer' the harsh, wilfulness of Uranus, just like an air-bag (Jupiter) protects us in a car accident (Uranus in Aries).

Esoterically Jupiter is the ruler of Aquarius and Uranus the orthodox ruler, thus the air signs of Libra and Aquarius are drawn together. Governments across the globe are being forced to re-assess their justice systems and laws. They will be continuously plagued by the upsurge in anarchy and rebelliousness in the populace, by disgruntled anti-establishment groups labelling themselves as freedom fighters (Bangkok, Thailand unrest at the time of writing). It seems that a new world order (Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries) is emerging from the dross and mire of the Piscean epoch. Esoteric astrology proposes that great cosmic rays flow through planets and signs, each resonating to a combination of energies. It is apparent that over the next few years the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th rays will be shaping our future. Uranus harnesses all the rays through its powerful and magical qualities. Aries is the most 1st ray sign as it forcefully expresses will-power in a focussed, determined and sometimes destructive way. As the creator, maintainer and destroyer of all forms, the 1st ray manifests 'the will of God', but it will be honed by Uranus, the highest authority and emissary of Atma, divine creativity and persistent will.

Now let's use The Claregate Method and work up a series of astrological predictive, permutations which embody the energies of Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Aries - 

Discovering an ancient key to unlock a massive door leading to enlightenment (highly contraversial evidence regarding a doorway discovered below The Sphinx, leading to the fabled 'Hall of Learning' - May 9th, at time of writing article) 

In the beginning was The Word and God was the Word and the Word was with God

The One - The God-Head - a world leader - the Avatar reveals himself

The Hadron Collider discovers The God Particle at the start of The Big Bang

Pioneering brain surgeons use revolutionary methods to discover the seat of human consciousness

First contact from Extra Terrestrial beings of an ancient origin

Advanced communication systems pioneered by a group of innovative geniuses

A very advanced supercar/airplane using anti gravity power is created

Concorde super-sonic airplane flies again - morphology of Jupiter in Aries (speculation at present to re-introduce Concorde - at time of publishing article)

A collective disastrous volcanic chain reaction fires up the planet

Very important archaeological discovery - Akhenaton the rebel, New Kingdom pharaoh's tomb (UK, TV documentary 15th May - History Channel - D.N.A. evidence uncovers Akhenaten's identity. 2 weeks after researching article)   

A tyrannical, dictatorial political leader forces in a new global Fascist regime




In the 1920's the dictator Mussolini ushered in a totalitarian Fascist regime at a time when Italy was emerging from the devastating ravages of WW1. His march on Rome in 1920 sealed the fate of the existing government, which had to bow down to the' will of the nation' and Mussolini's tyrannical leadership. The rise to power of Italian Fascism coincided with the last Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in Aries, which revolutionised politics in Central Europe, eventually spawning Hitler's Nazi regime - The 3rd Reich. Interestingly Mussolini chose 'The Fasces', a very ancient Roman symbol of power and authority as his emblem; indeed it was used to fashion the word Fascism which became synonymous with global Nationalism and Totalitarianism. Fascism derives from the Latin words 'fascismo' or 'fascio', meaning 'a band, group or league' (Jupiter). Its etymology stems from the Latin 'Fasces' which means 'bundles' (Jupiter). The ancient Roman 'Fasces Lictoriae' (bundles of the Lictors) was literally a bundle of white birch rods tied together with a red ribbon, to form a cylinder around an axe.





Originally the axe head would protrude from the bundle at the top or at the side, but double-headed axes were used especially in modern interpretations. The Fasces were carried on the shoulders by Lictors who were body-guards or attendants of Consuls, Magistrates, Caesars and Emperors. As bearers of the all powerful Fasces they always preceded the great ruling classes of the Roman Imperium. The Fasces suggests 'strength through unity' - bundles of rods bound together posses more strength than one individual unbound rod (Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in Aries). It symbolised the State's power to punish; beatings were carried out with rods from the Fasces and the axe was used to execute by decapitation! In emergencies the Roman Empire was placed under a dictatorship (dictatura), where The Ruling Emperor possessed the ultimate power.






The Romans believed that the Fasces was introduced in Rome from Etruria. The ancient Etruscans originally settled in modern day Tuscany, but historically they originated from the Orient or Middle East. They settled in the marshy coastal lands around 900BC. As The Etruscan power began to decline the Romans conquered them in 283BC and their ancient culture and rites were gradually assimilated into Rome's. The discovery of an Etruscan Fasces in a tomb in 1890 confirms the tradition that the Roman Fasces originated from Etruria. However the Fasces was made entirely of metal, it was double-headed and it was very small in comparison to the Roman Fasces. Historians argued that it could have been a miniature model; some dismiss the claim altogether stating that the hypothesis was very weak. Despite this, the etymology of the word 'Lictor' is derived from the Etruscan word for 'royal'. It seems there is enough evidence to link the Etruscan royalty and nobility to Rome. The Lictors, bearers of the all powerful Fasces had once been body-guards and attendants to their politicians, kings and emperors.      



What has become apparent is that the Etruscan Fasces had a religious or spiritual meaning. Was it used to symbolise not only temporal power but spiritual power as well? The double-headed Fasces symbolism may have derived from Etruria in the Eastern Mediterranean, but another very ancient culture used it for practical and ceremonious purposes. The Minoan 'Labrys' a double-headed axe known to the Classical Greeks as 'Pelekus' was used as a tool and weapon wielded in battle.





The Labrys was invested with symbolic importance in Minoan, Thracian, Greek mythology and art dating from the Middle Bronze Age onwards. It originated from the Lydian name Labranda which literally means 'the place of the Sacred Labrys. Set up on its long pillar-like handle, with two dependent fillets either side, it represented its cult and spiritual status. The kings of Lydia carried it as one of their sacred insignia of office. Sir Arthur Evans' excavation of Minoan Crete in 1900 unearthed numerous Labrys at The Palace of Knossos, which was named 'The House of the Double Axe. Indeed the word 'Labyrinthos' is connected with the word 'Labrys', in the context of the Classical Greek myth of Theseus, the Minotaur and the Cretan Labyrinth. There is no doubt that the symbol was specifically connected to Goddess worship and was used by High Priestesses in sacred ceremonies.      






Some of these Minoan Labrys were taller than a human, colossal structures symbolising divine power. They were used in ritual sacrifices, bulls would have been the most likely animals slaughtered. The ancient Minoan civilisation of Crete thrived in the astrological Age of Taurus in the 2nd millennium BC. Bull worship during the Bronze Age period spanned many Mediterranean cultures and religions, but it also was influential in Ancient Hindu religion, where it is still revered as Holy. The symbol of the double-headed axe is closely linked to male deities such as Zeus and the Nordic God Thor. These archaic 'thunder deities' wielded great axes which they used to invoke thunder, lightning and storms. Zeus's Keravnos, his destructive zigzag lightning flashes (Jupiter ruling Aquarius) are fashioned by his double-headed Labrys, an instrument of his divine will.  


Indeed a very important Greek Creation myth depicts Hephaestus/Vulcan ritually fleeing his act of cleaving open the head of Zeus with his double-headed Labrys to free Athena. In order to avoid the prophesy that his children would be far greater and more powerful than him, he decided to swallow Metis his consort by transforming her into a fly to prevent her from having offspring. But she was already pregnant with Athena whom she gave birth to and nurtured whilst inside his belly. Eventually Zeus began to experience violent and enormous head-aches as Athena was fashioning her weapons inside his head. Thus Athena emerged out of Zeus's head fully grown and armed ready to declare war on her tyrannical and autocratic Father. Athena is blessed with the qualities of wisdom, philosophy, reason, cunning intelligence and the disciplined, strategic aspects of war. She is depicted carrying a great shield, helmeted and wielding a large lance which has a curled snake ascending at its base.  Zeus/Jupiter represents the divine principle (Jupiter in Aries) which needs to impregnate matter (Metis) in order for it to evolve. By the act of swallowing his future progeny he is suppressing the natural cycle of death, birth and rebirth denying spiritual growth. Athena symbolises 'divine reason and illumination' (Uranus in Aries), as she emerges from the seat of consciousness (the head of Zeus), with the slicing cleave of Hephaestus's double headed axe (esoterically Hephaestus is the ruler of Taurus and his main quality is freedom and liberation). The Labrys represents need to integrate elements of lower and higher mind, allowing the fires of mind to flow upwards towards the head region.    




The double-headed axe Labrys represents /Vulcan/Hephaestus in the Age of Taurus and is the fore runner of the winged Caduceus of Mercury/Hermes in the Age of Aries. Interestingly Athena's lance is intertwined with a snake at the base, linking her with the transference of spiritual fire to the head region where she emerged. She is the agent of release and freedom from the entrenched, tyrannical power and bondage of Jupiter/Zeus.      




The ancient Minoan Labrys, a collective symbol of all Hellenic civilisations was used as an insignia of Greek Fascism in the 1930's.The leader of The National Organisation of Youth, Ioannis Metaxas used it to galvanise power during the 4thof August Regime.  


healing Caduceus



During the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction of late 1750 the Fasces symbol was revived and used as a potent image of progressive revolution in a fledgling United States. Indeed the Roman Fasces symbol was used continually, well into modern times, as a symbol of power and authority throughout the U.S. It was adopted as a national insignia gracing some of America's most important government institutions - The Oval office, The House of Representatives, the official seal of The U.S. Senate, a frieze on the facade of The Supreme Court, The Lincoln Memorial, The National Guard's emblem, even the U.S. Mercury dime.



It is no coincidence that the United States adopted the Ancient Roman Fasces as its symbol of power and authority. Dr. Douglas Baker has consistently stated that the United States is the reincarnation of the Byzantine Roman Empire (Pisces) with its Senate, Caesars and Emperors. Indeed the same power-hungry, autocratic and tyrannical Ancient Roman souls have reincarnated in the dynastic Kennedy family of Irish decent (Ireland is ruled by Pisces)! They dominated American politics for most of the modern era, but they were continuously 'cut down' by a series of devastating family tragedies. Despite fighting for democracy, liberty and equal rights which greatly helped to offset negative karma, their debauched Roman lives has come back to haunt them!  





Furthermore from the early 1800's, the Fasces was adopted as a symbol of the new French Republic, once the Monarchy had been abolished. Their absolute power over the populace increasingly gave way to The Revolution ushering in a new Republicanism. The Republic needed new symbols to represent the state and its power; the Fasces, a symbol of power and unity for the people replaced old royal symbols such as the Royal Crown and the Fleur-de -Lys. With the powerful leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte, the self-styled Emperor and stalwart of The Revolution, the Fasces appeared in a context reminiscent of the Roman Republic and all powerful Empire.  




Despite the slogan of the French Revolution - 'Liberty, equality, fraternity or death' (Uranus in Aries) embodying power of the people, within a few years Bonaparte galvanised his autocratic dictatorship with the Fasces (Uranus in Aries) as his symbol of totalitarianism and the authority of the state over the people. It is still used today in France as part of the French Coat of Arms and on the front cover of French passports. In Spain in the early 1930's (last time Uranus was in Aries)when their monarchy collapsed giving rise to extreme nationalist, right-wing parties; Fascism thrived under Falangism and the Fascist Spanish alliance led by Generalissimo Francisco Franco. The Fasces is still used in Spain today in the insignia of the Spanish Gendarmerie Guarda Civil.  




In our times there has been a significant rise in support of Fascism; in Europe a number of Fascist parties have now been elected to form governments. Nearly 30% of voters in Austria backed extreme right-wing parties; the Swiss People's Party rose to power in Switzerland. In Greece, police are openly collaborating with the Golden Dawn Fascist paramilitary party to wage a war of terror on migrant workers and left-wing supporters groups. In Italy, 'The Black Shirts' have been revived as part of a vicious pogrom against The Roma. Both Germany and Russia are experiencing an unprecedented level of neo-Nazi thuggery. We have the B.N.P. here in Britain gaining support with its leader Nick Griffin established as a European Member of Parliament!            

What seems to be emerging is a steady rise of support for extreme right-wing nationalism. That ugly, heinous and terrifying, monstrous head of Medusa in Greek mythology, which turned her antagonists to stone, if they peered directly at her; this alludes to the destructive, blind and distorted reality shared by Fascists. As Aries rules the head, government and leadership and Uranus represents anarchy, rebellion and individuality, there seems to be a new politics emerging (at the time of writing massive political unrest in Bangkok, Thailand - rebels and freedom fighters barricaded themselves in the business centre of the capital to try to oust the government). Jupiter's collective and unifying energies will help usher in a coalition of parties (Jupiter in Aries) into the world's governments.(at the time of writing Conservative leader David Cameron and Lib/Dem leader Nick Clegg formed the U.K.'s 1st coalition government since the 2nd W.W.) Despite this working union in progress, Jupiter's cohesive and unifying energies, promoting communication and politics for the collective good, it will wane in 12 months. It will leave in its wake a very powerful and anarchic Uranian phase which will wreck 'all man's best laid plans' and usher in a time of extremism, social unrest and radical Fascist movements hell-bent on causing rebellion, anarchy and civil war!                   





Uranus esoteric ruler of Libra



Interestingly in Esoteric Astrology, the planet Uranus can be seen to embody the shape of the Fasces! The morphology (the link between the shape and function of a planet or sign) of Uranus is clearly mirrored especially in 'the double-headed' Fasces more prominent in Etruria and Ancient Minoan civilisations. Nevertheless it still embodies the archetype of Roman power and authority of the Fasces as a symbol of the almighty will of the Imperial Court, Rome's high Consuls, Caesars and Emperors.  Fascism definition :- The state was absolute before which individuals and groups were all relative - a Totalitarian State.                    

Humanity is entering an extremely critical time; astrologically there is a major T-Square of Uranus/Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in the Cardinal Signs of Aries, Libra and Capricorn. According to Esoteric Psychology these planets and signs, with the exception of Jupiter are influenced by powerful 'Will Rays'. Their keynotes include destroying the old and outworn, but creating and maintaining the new. We are fast approaching the '2012 Mayan Time-shift' period where according to The Mayans and other ancient cultures in the West as well as the East, the planet will undergo immense changes and transformation. We are in the critical 'Venus Alignment' period where Earth was been subjected to devastating Tsunami's, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and volcanic ash cloud contamination of our airspace. We have unprecedented crisis in our world - terrorism, oil spillages and pollution, global warming, religious and political unrest, chaos in our world economies, record levels of Autism, Obesity, Downs Syndrome affecting Humanity; we have the decimation of billions of the world's honey bee colonies for reasons which have baffled scientists. Something is dreadfully going wrong; we have the signs and symptoms of a 'Sick Earth' which we as Humanity have unfortunately contributed to, but the planet's redemption and salvation is in our hands!          

As Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Aries implies that We, the Human Kingdom are the main stewards of Kingdoms under us i.e. the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms; we are uniquely placed in the scheme of things to receive help, guidance and spiritual influence from initiate beings above us. But we are blessed with freewill which can make or break us, the planet and all the lower kingdoms which make up our vibrant, living and life-sustaining planet. Even in these most turbulent times there must be hope! If we have unwittingly unleashed Pandora's Box on Mankind, through our arrogance, selfishness, blindness and fore-sightedness (Epimetheus - short-sighted, is coaxed to open the box which his brother Prometheus - long-sighted warns him against), then all the ills of the world are upon us; but last out of the box, hidden in a dark corner is HOPE!      


Pandora''s Box



Let's HOPE there is HOPE for our sake and we can usher in a new consciousness and spirituality which will help transform and heal the wounds of Humanity. We can all be Prometheans, sacrificing ourselves for the planet; he stole fire from the Gods to give to us; we can give our spiritual fire back in return to save, our mineral, plant, animal and above all else OUR HUMANITY! 

'Liberty, Equality, Fraternity or Death'

The Slogan outlived The French Revolution later becoming the rallying cry of activists, both militant and non-violent, who promote democracy or overthrow oppressive governments.                               




* (article was published in SCRAPE newsletter in March 2007)


Our august International Union of Astronomers met recently and decided to demote the tiny, but awesome Pluto from planet to a 'pluton'. After a major kafuffle, the reasons given were, it is non-circular, highly tilted and it moves in irregular patterns! What a load of bollocks! Do they think they can steamroll 70 years of Pluto's life changing influence on humanity, with one foul swing of their scientific scythe! Most astrologers have wielded a similar weapon, dismissing, nay not even considering Gaia as a planet! Mother Earth, in their eyes, has no influence or energy and certainly no astrological qualities of it's own! It is utterly absurd to think that astrologers have neglected it as a force. Only Esoteric Astrologers use the Earth as ruler of Sagittarius. Its influence and energies have been successfully mapped for over 50 years. The conclusion is that The Earth has an extremely important role to play in our Solar System, as it is directly overshadowed by Venus, The Morning Star. Its esoteric symbol is the Pentagram, one of the most occult symbols of Pagan mysticism! The Earth as esoteric ruler of Sagittarius, plays a prominent role in all Earth based spirituality!

Recently, we had yet another comet rudely entering our space and speculations were abound as to its interpretation. These uninvited visitors, trail a spectacular strand of light, which looks very like the tail of a dragon. Indeed a comet graced our skies in the late 5th century, heralding the death of a Pendragon, a great plague and the emergence of the greatest Pendragon - Arthur, King of the Britons! He ultimately fought off the Saxon hoards and held the Light , ensuring Gaia would survive the onslaught Dark energies. Are we going to witness another great leader's rule? What changes are we to expect? Is a great cataclysm going to befall us again? The comet is a Sagittarian phenomena; it is an alien projectile, travelling from a far-flung place. It heralds great omens, superstitions and speculation of immense changes.

Equally this year Jupiter, the esoteric ruler of Aquarius and great beneficiary slowly aligns with Pluto in Sagittarius. This awesome union, will produce phenomenal goodwill and support for humanitarian projects. Global warming, the survival of plant and animal life and the eradication of life-threatening illness will be targeted. The Great White Brotherhood, will be directing their potent love and wisdom throughout Gaia, bathing it with healing energies. However, Pluto the esoteric ruler of Pisces, may manifest its destructive power, throwing up a whole host of clandestine elements. Extremist sects and terrorist activities will make the headlines, with major threats of nuclear detonations. It is not coincidental that we have seen an alarming rise in drug related crime, especially in Britain's younger, delinquent generation. Religious and political truths will be exposed, especially where the Holy Roman Catholic church is concerned. It is karmic payback time, for years of persecution of innocent Pagan and Heretic Christians.

Watch heads roll as secrets are exposed. Corruption in virtually all aspects of sport, is a powerful factor with Pluto in Sagittarius. Top athletes, from Olympic champions, tennis players, baseball legends and even jockeys have fallen foul to testing for performance enhancing drugs! Evidence of UFO's and their extra-terrestrial inhabitants will be exposed for the first time by the world's governments, ending much speculation and lies. One thing is for sure, we will never again experience Pluto's sojourn of Sagittarius. We are lucky Jupiter is around to smooth out the ride, but we must embrace the life changing effects of Pluto. It mirrors our unconscious drives which, when go unnoticed and are suppressed, can erupt, forcing deep psychological change. Blessed be!  



Vast cosmic energies impact our planet continuously, creating major changes in its structure, climate and movement. Our Earth is a delicately balanced, eco-system which relies on all life forms for its continued growth and survival. We are the stewards of life on Earth, but even we are swayed by solar, lunar and a myriad of other planetary influences, in our Solar System. This cosmic dance has played out continuously, since the dawn of time. New dances sweep in, carrying us into a whirlwind of change and unexpected situations. This influx of energies can unsettle our lives, cause chaos and crisis, until we upgrade our energies. Then we can learn and incorporate knew steps, enhance our style and refocus on our direction.

The Earth will be bathed in a major shift of planetary energies in the New Year. Pluto, the Esoteric Ruler of Pisces will move into earthy Capricorn. Subsequently, expansive and opportunistic Jupiter, the Esoteric Ruler of Aquarius will also grace Capricorn. Saturn's presence in Virgo, yet another earth sign, will complete the slow transition, from the fiery essence of Pluto and Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Leo. Esoteric Astrology is equipped to understand and accommodate these new planetary changes, as they sweep in, in ever increasing intensity. Firstly, let's address Pluto's role in the Cosmic Dance and how it has influenced the last decade or so. Pluto's planetary cycle is very slow and irregular. Its movement through a sign can be approximately 10 up to 24 years! For the last decade or so, Pluto has been on a faster route through Sagittarius. Its effect has been one of extreme and unrestrained energy, culminating in the chaos we are experiencing today! As the Esoteric Ruler of Pisces, its powerful unconscious drives have brought about much devastation around the world. It is the agent of the destructive aspect of the 1st Ray of Will and Power. It is coupled with 6th Ray of blind faith, devotion, religion and dogma, which is predominantly expresses through Pisces. These rays' raw, unrefined and crude power have unleashed their terror in religious based politics for years. From The IRA's campaign of bloody murder to present day Taliban and Al Qaeda's terrorist factions, it has left a trail of brutality in the name of faith. Drugs, drink, corruption, prison, prostitution, rape and other excesses of human nature are all common bedfellows in Pluto's domain.

 The Sagittarian influence has channelled it into sport, religion, journalism and business entrepreneurship. We can see how some of our top Olympians have fallen foul into the clutches of Pluto, through lies, deception and performance enhancing drugs. Major scandals in massive business conglomerates, have resulted in high flying bankers and managing directors, being imprisoned for deception and fraud. The Roman Catholic Church has been rocked on a few occasions regarding its protection of homosexuals and paedophiles in its ranks. Sex scandals in the church, a supposed safe haven for victims and the vulnerable have been tolerated and covered up. Even the highest ranked clergy have been entangled in the sordid mess! We have all experienced the vile, sub-human activities of 'The Paparazzi'. These 'vultures' hunting a pound of flesh to sell to the highest bidder, will sell their 'soul's to the Devil' for a few pounds!

Lady Diana's tragic death, in Paris was caused by 'the hunt' of blood thirsty, photo-journalists, trying to 'capture' her image! It brings to mind the Greek myth of Diana, a moon goddess and 'the hunt' (Sagittarius rules hunting). Yet, some of the most brilliant discoveries in Science and Medicine have been uncovered, due to the Pluto in Sagittarius effect. Quantum states, Dark Matter and the unravelling of the Human Genome have been the shining lights in this transit. Still, its effect, coupled with Jupiter's inflationary energies, gave rise to the unprecedented, alarming rise in obesity around the world! Obsessive, emotional, Pluto combining with Jupiter's exaggerated over-inflated desire, triggered off this over indulgence. Fast food restaurants offering super-sized portions, doubling up bargains, enticed the emotionally vulnerable into a frenzied assault on food. Consumerism went rampant as millions gorged to satisfy their unconscious, suppressed desires. The bubble is nearing the bursting point! I will leave you with a visual image which sums up the energy :-

A massive, hungry, aggressive dog on a long lead, fouling all around ( Pluto rules dogs)

Pluto's transit in Capricorn is a slower cycle, spanning approximately 2 decades. It will draw out lessons and gains will be hard won and slow to materialise. Its dour, heavy and pronounced energies may seem to grind everything to a halt. The reason for this is, it needs to bring order and stability to balance the excessive energies of the past, fast cycle. Humanity is presently in the transition period, between fiery, unpredictable yet adventurous Sagittarius and cool, conservative and consolidating Capricorn. What then can we expect from Pluto's transit in Capricorn? Jupiter will grace the sign for the next 12 months. Will his influence cushion the blows or will he fan the Plutonic flames even more? Could Saturn's placement in methodical and perfection seeking Virgo hold the balance? Pluto is notorious for its violent, unruly and unconscious nature. Its rulership of Pisces, the underworld realm Hades in Greek Mythology, is well known in Esoteric Astrology. As in the abduction myth of Persephone, ( Virgo Goddess ) Pluto's role is destructive, subversive, secretive and highly obsessive. Indeed, if we were to really understand Pluto, we also need to understand and integrate the positive role he expresses. It is with the intervention of Zeus, ( Jupiter), Pluto's brother and king of the Gods, that Persephone is reinstated on Earth, to be re-united with her mother ( Earth Goddess) Demeter. Therefore, the natural cycle of birth, growth, decay, death and rebirth, would never have been established, if it wasn't for Pluto's misdemeanours! Also, the Greek word for wealth is 'Pluto'; it implies the wealth of the underworld in all its wonderful ramifications, is there for each one of us. It's how we relate to it and how we integrate it in our lives, which is the most important factor.

It is interesting that the Pluto/Jupiter conjunction has persisted through Sagittarius into Capricorn! Will Jupiter's grace, mercy and benevolence forgive the wayward ramblings of Pluto's explosive, vile and corrupt energies, as it blasted it way through Sagittarius? Esoteric Astrology proposes that countries are also ruled by Zodiac signs. They are viewed as living, sentient beings, having consciousness and life. Ancient Wisdom teaches us the idiom, 'As Above So Below'. When we begin to grasp this idea, we begin to understand the rise and demise of civilisations and countries. The countries ruled by Capricorn are India, South Africa, Scotland, Canada and Israel. India with its vast and sprawling population has invited major investment in its human resource market. Hundreds of multi-national businesses have call centres all around the country. One of the major problems with India is its internal struggle, between its extremes of wealth and poverty. The other problem is its 'cast structure' class system. There are more millionaires in India than anywhere else in the world. Yet, it has one of the highest level of poverty, which is completely disproportionate to its immense wealth. The 'cast system', a crude, harsh and traditional segregation system of oppression, is completely inhumane and unjust. As a recognised democracy and nuclear power, it needs to address this barbaric and archaic system of abuse and prejudice. The poorest are already gathering support, pressing for change and equal human rights. It is a shameful contradiction to India's supreme spiritual heritage. Gurus and holy men, beg for food and financial support to feed, clothe and heal the sick, but materialism, a rampant, unrelenting, glutton, puts self-interest above the health and welfare of all. I expect growing unrest in India, until it recognises the need to smash these barriers of shame and degradation. Scotland, a sovereign country of the United Kingdom is gradually distancing itself from the UK's central government. There are strong shouts for an independent Scotland, especially now, when The Scottish Nationalist Party is proudly acknowledged as the 'reincarnation' of 'The Tartan Army'! It is not co-incidental that the next Commonwealth Games will be held in Scotland, reinforcing its status and its nationalist call for 'Freedom'! The astrological evidence reinforces this situation and in my opinion, it will only be a matter of time (Capricorn).

South Africa's political struggles have constantly been in the headlines over the last 2 decades. The immense courage and sacrifice of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Nelson Mandela and others created a revolution, which toppled the white minority rulership of the country. Great leaps towards freedom from Apartheid, have ensured South Africa is trying to honour its human rights promise for an equal, non-prejudicial, justice system. But, it yet again, struggles with its international image. Extreme poverty and corruption reigns in the face of rampant materialism. However, it will be put on the world stage in the future, where it hosts The International Football World Cup (Pluto/Jupiter). This is a great honour, but some say it will cost millions of pounds; money which could be better spent on the thousands who still live in makeshift shanty towns, which litter the country. Their political stability is in question, as The ANC reshuffles its leadership. The outcome may topple the government and threaten the fragile peace it tries to maintain. However, a leadership change may be all that it needs, to take it to the next level. The fact is South Africa as a leader in continental Africa, must adapt and embrace change. It is still a young democracy which still needs to evolve. Poverty and corruption is rife and it is the most vulnerable who still suffer. Will they hide their shame, or start a rebuilding programme? Saturn in Virgo highlights these issues and also influences another gaping sore, its struggles to contain the AIDS epidemic.

Israel's intense conflicts in the Middle East continue to grab the headlines. Since its bloodthirsty wars for independence, it has battled 'tooth and nail' to protect its borders from continuous insurgencies from Palestinian and Syrian forces. The Jewish race is ruled by Capricorn and Saturn is the agent of karmic retribution. She is entrenched and crystallised in nature and is never ready to concede any of her gains. 'An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth', is an appropriate motto for the Israeli nation. She will always negotiate a hard bargain and retaliate harsher than her attackers. Israel is in a position to exercise its will and much needed compassion in the area. She holds the key to peace, especially where Palestine (Saturn in Virgo) is concerned. I predict there will be a political shake-up, which will pave the way to peace in the area. The next 2 years will augment plans for a lasting solution, as positive astrological trends place her in a powerful position. It is not hard to see the ascendancy and struggles of some of these countries, in the world's global economic and industrial climate.

Capricorn rules big business, corporate houses, banking conglomerates and governments. It also primarily rules housing, real estate markets and the stock exchange. The recent Pluto/Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius, with its excessive and inflated nature, contributed to the global economic crisis. Shaky investments in a suspect and un-secure U.S housing market, created a massive inflated bubble effect, which now has burst, causing the so called 'credit crunch'. Is it then not difficult to understand the critical financial crisis, the world banks are now having to endure! Capricorn also rules 'the mountain tops of initiation', where ancient teachings are housed in inaccessible and often secret places.

Tibet, 'the roof of the world' comes to mind as a Capricornian country. It's continued peaceful resistance to China's ( ruled by Cancer, the opposite sign) usurping armies, who plundered Tibet in the 50's, is admired worldwide. The exiled Dalai Lama, another 'Nobel Peace Prize' winner has always been condemned by the Chinese authorities. They accuse him of inciting instability in the region, due to his continued struggle to free Tibet from their tyrannical dictatorship. The power struggle will be more pronounced now, as China takes The Olympic Torch and will open its doors to the worlds athletes and media. Their human rights issues will be scrutinised as well as their enforced rule over Tibet. They are even threatening to abandon Tibet's traditional system of naming the next incarnation of the present Dalai Lama. A Chinese candidate is already being primed for the sacred role! It would be a dream come true if Tibet was liberated; we may live to experience the dream under Pluto's explosive transit of Capricorn. If there ever was a time for Tibet's independence and a time of peace, it would be during this auspicious period.

The sign of Virgo, has also a prominent role to play in the coming cosmic dance, as Saturn the great disciplinarian moves slowly through the sign. She is understood to be the 'mother and child' in the zodiac. The Moon is the Esoteric Ruler of the sign, therefore it rules all countries who have a moon on their national flag! Muslim faith countries have been highlighted and demonised ( Pluto ) over the last decade and the minority have resorted to using subterfuge, propaganda and bombs to terrorise the world. One startling feature, which combines the Muslim faith and the Sacred Feminine, is the exposure of the continued victimisation of Muslim women. There wasn't a day that went by, when they were not front page news, dressed in Burqas, proclaiming support for their cause or being victims.

Indeed female victims have not left the headlines for years! If it is not Lady Diana, the Madeline McCann tragedy, the murder of Holly and Jessica, Paul McCartney's estranged wife, it is the plight of Afghan, Iraqi and Pakistani women fighting for their basic human rights. The single-parent female role, (mother and child) a feature of Virgo, will be under scrutiny by the government in the UK. Indeed Saturn's hard but fair nature will root out all social security benefit cheats, who are costing the tax payer millions. We can expect a more thorough and rigorous regime in the nations Health Services, where gross mismanagement and lack of basic cleanliness has put hundreds of lives at risk.

Venus, the planet of the feminine has been strongly linked to Virgo. From March 2007 Virgo has been involved in Lunar and Solar Eclipses. Venus was 'captured' in the sign from July to November 2007. A final Solar and Lunar Eclipse in February 2008, will signal the emergence of the Sacred Feminine principle on Earth. It is with interest that I can predict, more women leaders and ministers will take up dominant positions in government. Benazir Bhutto, the former prime minister (Pakistan ruled by Virgo) and Hilary Clinton are poised to take control of their respective countries. Angela Merkel, Cristrina Fernandes, the recently elected president of Argentina and India's Pratibha Patil already hold the Presidential mantle. Some like Aung San Suu Kyi, a political activist, under house arrest, continue to spearhead change and democracy in Burma, will succeed in toppling the military regime. Pluto's abduction and seduction of Persephone is over. He has imparted a great lesson to her. The unconscious must be given recognition, for it holds a bountiful reward, regeneration and immortality! If it lies unrecognised and unexpressed, it will demonise and devour you with a terrifying vengeance! She has returned triumphantly, 'trailing clouds of glory' . Through Pluto's subversive act and Zeus (Jupiter's) 'divine intervention', the cosmic dance can be resumed, ensuring potential growth, deep compassion and union with all mankind.