Chris offers a one-to-one, 7 Ray, Esoteric Psychology Analysis on CD. It is an innovative, existential approach to psychology, which guides the individual in his search for self realisation. It provides practical methods to aid one truly to know thyself. The effects of colour, crystal, meditation, symbols and astrology, is incorporated in a totaly holistic, self-help approach. 

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7 Rays Analysis


Esoteric Psychology and Esoteric Astrology are currently, two of the  most important keys of Ancient Wisdom. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle and most recently, Madame Blavatsky, the revered 19th century leader of the Theosophical Society, proposed that the whole universe was alive with energy and matter. The ancients understood this cosmic secret and saw life as a differentiating, vibrational frequency, which interchanged from energy to matter. They were also aware that 7 cosmic energies originating from a pure light energy source, affected every life form. A tiny molecule in an atom or a planet of the Solar System in our immense galaxy, can be affected by light frequences.

With the advent of Quantum Physics, research into Dark Matter and the unravelling of human D.N.A., science has rediscovered three main postulates of Ancient Wisdom -

All things organic and inorganic, are filled with life, from the tiniest atom to the greatest galaxy.

Our solar system has a septenary nature; it is constructed out of energies which resonate to seven qualities.  

The third postulate was validated recently -

There is a continuum which links all things together, so that the smallest cell does not pulsate without its effects being felt in the furthest reaches of the solar system.

Man is said to be a solar system in miniature. He shares his septenary nature with all creation. Outwardly, he is bombarded with solar and planetary energies. His personality, is constantly under stress, as it adapts to life's challenges. Equally, he is influenced by his inner psychological drives and energies which emanate deep within his psyche.

Modern psychological understanding of man, proposes the personality to be a combination of hereditary equipment and  environmental factors.  However, psychologists Roberto Assagioli, Carl G. Jung and others with esoteric understanding, concluded that a third conditioning factor enters the equation; the higher self. It is this special relationship between the Ego and the Self, which is the basis of Esoteric Psychology.  

The Esoteric Psychology of the 7 Rays, each with their own colour and quality affect man at all levels.

Rays of Power - 1, 3, 5, 7,  affect the will and form aspects and flow through red / white, green, orange and violet.

Rays of Love -  2, 4, 6,  affect the love and expressive aspects and flow through blue, yellow and cyan pink. 

Rainbow Pyramid refraction 

The human auric field is a holistic expression of magnetic and colour vibrational energies. Man can be seen as a pyramidal prism. When white light passes through it, it creates a powerful, vibrant, rainbow spectrum. His aura is multi-dimensional, reflecting the personality vehicles and in dwelling soul energies. His lower triad, comprising of his physical, emotional and mental bodies,  fashion the Personality and its drives. The higher triad, housing the Causal Body or Soul embraces the highest spiritual energies. Divine persistent will, compassion, intuition and abstract thought are latent within, waiting to be harnessed and expressed.

The purpose of a 7 Ray, Esoteric Psychology Analysis, is to provide the key to understand our personality and soul's energies. It will help us change and adapt our energies, so that we can access -

      • increased creativity
      • positive energy
      • vibrant health
      • spiritual potential
      • soul contact

Ultimately, it aids to create an inner harmonic interplay between our spiritual self and our terrestrial ego. 

7 Ray Flower


Carl G. Jung first proposed the existence of certain personality types. He called them introvert and extravert. The introvert, a sensitve, quiet and withdrawn type, is attracted to expressions of care, compassion, love and service to others. The extravert type is outgoing, positive, self expressive and direct in approach. They are motivated, willful and powerful, taking control and leading others. The introvert naturally expresses aspects of the Love Rays, at varying levels. The extravert's natural energy of willpower, expresses features of the Will Rays. 

In Ray Analysis, man's 5 bodies, i.e. the physical, emotional, mental, personality and soul vehicles, are influenced by any of the 7 Rays. Generally speaking, the most expressive combination of Rays is a balanced distribution of Will and Love Rays. Therefore, too many Love Rays in the Ray Complement or too many Will Rays, would produce an imbalance of energies. An excess of  Love Rays would produce the inability to express the will and the individual may not create or achieve his goals. Equally, the excessive preponderance of Will Rays, would thwart any success, as the individual lacks the cohesive, communication and caring energies of the Love Rays.  

The Ray Psychology Analyst, through the use of bio-feedback methods, can ascertain the Ray Complement of the individual. With this knowledge, he is able to prescribe remedies to help harmonise and balance any deficiences in expression. The use of colour, music, visualisation and incence can have a subliminal effect on the subtle bodies. Wearing the appropriate colourful clothes, crystals and physical symbols as pendants on the body, can also promote changes in the energy fields. 

A secondary and complimentary device can be used in conjunction with the Ray Analysis. The personal astrological chart indicates Ray energies. Each astrological sign and planet is infuenced by a Ray or combination of Rays. It is generally accepted by Esoteric Astrologers that the incoming energies of the New Age of Aquarius are 7th Ray in nature. The 7th Ray rules colour, crystal, magnetic energy, Esoteric Astrology and Esoteric Psychology. A synthesis of these elements will form the basis of the wisdom of the future.