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Soul''''''''s Purpose Astrology


New Skype consultation service - live one-to-one interpretations

Due to the incredible demand for Esoteric Astrology consultations, Chris is offering consultations on-line via Skype. He has prepared exceptional Soul's Purpose's for clients spanning over 25 years, but has also offered personal one-to-one sessions and consultations at New Age exhibitions nationally and internationally.

Whilst the Skype service is merited, immediate and deeply relevant to your needs, it cannot be called a Soul's Purpose interpretation. However, Chris will employ The Claregate Method and predictive techniques to elucidate both personality and spiritual challenges and opportunities, to aid you on the path of self-awareness and self-discovery.

'Man Know Thyself for the Treasure of Treasures lies within'

He will offer hour consultations to suit individual needs. To book please email Chris, setting out your questions. Please include your correct date, place and time of birth. If there is any discrepancy regarding any of your details, Chris will contact you before he calculates your chart.

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Esoteric Astrology was first proposed by Alice A. Bailey in her series of books on Arcane Wisdom. The application of Esoteric Planetary Rulerships to the signs was channeled through her by The Tibetan, D.K., a master initiate of Ancient Wisdom.

Dr. Douglas Baker, the former Chancellor of Claregate College, developed Esoteric Astrology into a tool for spiritual enlightenment. After 50 years of research, he   perfected an interpretative technique, called The Claregate Method and an astrology which embraces both spiritual and personality characteristics.

The Claregate Method synthesises both an objective and subjective approach, incorporating   new esoteric rulerships and the influence of the 7 Rays.   It leans heavily on the psychological teachings of Carl G. Jung,   taking   into account the function of symbol, myth and archetype in the horoscope. It draws on classical literature, poetry and tale, to explain the   archetypal energies at play in the individual's life.

The Esoteric Astrologer consults his higher self, through dreams, meditation and contemplation. This subjective approach helps the astrologer to elucidate the deepest aspects of the individual's Soul's Purpose, past lives and karma.  

Esoteric rulers & signs






  Mercury   Aries   First
  Vulcan   Taurus   Second
  Venus   Gemini   Third
  Neptune   Cancer   Fourth
  Sun   Leo   Fifth
  Moon   Virgo   Sixth
  Uranus   Libra   Seventh
  Mars   Scorpio   Eighth
  Earth  Sagittarius   Nineth
  Saturn   Capricorn   Tenth
  Jupiter   Aquarius   Eleventh
  Pluto   Pisces   Twelfth


Esoteric ruler Sagittarius



        EARTH - Esoteric Ruler of Sagittarius

Our resident planet Earth has been excluded from the Celestial order of planetary influences by astrologers of the past and present. It is absurd to think that for aeons,   Gaia has be outlawed and alienated from the Zodiac. Indeed,   two of the key words associated with The Earth   are alienation and outlaw! It is hardly surprising it has not been considered a planet with   astrological influence. Firstly, where in the   horoscope is it plotted? Secondly, what energies can be attributed to it?

The Earth was for some time seen by scholars, as the centre of the universe. They thought that all planets and stars circled it, proposing that it was Geo-centric in position. In theory,   their prognosis was correct; the   Sun and its solar hosts do seem to circle the Earth.   Following this proposition,   it is always positioned opposite the Sun Sign, in a natal horoscope. In this   location, it emphasises the link to its complementary opposite. For example, The Sun in Scorpio would generate The Earth in the polar opposite sign of Taurus.    

The Earth as ruler of Sagittarius, reflects some of the following key meanings :-

Where one lacks wholeness, Potential to be fulfilled, Alienation, Isolation, Painful experiences, Wars, Exploitation, Cruelty,   Where healing wounds   are identified.

Some positive traits are   :-

Courage, Exploration, Experimental, Adaptation, Save natural resources,   Humanitarian enterprises, Planetary goodwill and conservation, Spiritual salvation.    

In this context, as it is always in opposition to the Sun, its energies are complementary to the Sun Sign. They must be viewed as a totality in interpretation. For example, it is well known that Librans lack the focus, will and determination of Aries. Equally, Arieans must incorporate the gentler, diplomatic and social skills their opposite sign possesses. Therefore a dynamic balance, or equilibrium is encouraged, if they are both to express a degree of wholeness in their lives.


VULCAN - Esoteric Ruler of Taurus

Vulcan is one of the most profound rulers of the Zodiac. It was first proposed as the Esoteric Ruler of Taurus in the early fifties. Alice Bailey's, Esoteric Astrology formulated its 'hypothetical' position in the Solar System. A fragment of planetary essence was first sighted by astronomers passing across the face of the Sun. They deduced that it was an independent planet, orbiting between Mercury and the Sun. They had hoped to plot its periodic appearance, but they never identified it again.

The esoteric teaching regarding Vulcan's composition can be explained as a 'particle wave'. Its material essence is not yet fully manifest, but its higher vibrations filter through in subtle, but powerful energy bursts. It seems its physical presence, a mass of 'flotsam and jetsam' of space substance, is loosely held together by gravitational forces of other planets. Most of its parts get 'entangled' in Mercury's gravitational vortex and other fragments are momentarily drawn into Venus's orbit. Its 'wave' effect propels some of its fragmentary mass out beyond the immense gravitational energies of Pluto and Neptune. Occasionally they return, to be drawn into the Sun's vast energy field to dance again on the solar stage.

With recent Quantum scientific discoveries regarding the way atoms are composed, Vulcan can be likened to 'the blur' of energy which is the electron! Its energy field is spread out and exists as a 'wave phenomena', which cannot be specifically located.

The astrological position of Vulcan is plotted three degrees from Mercury towards the Sun. It acts as a 'conventional' planet, always linked with the orbit of Mercury. For example when Mercury turns retrograde, Vulcan follows suit.

Vulcan's rulership combines the traditionally fixed, immovable and practical energy of Taurus, with the energy of freedom, release and spiritual liberation. Venus through Taurus possesses, attaches and binds us to our value structures. The ego is truly anchored in the senses as it expresses itself through passion, money and materialism. The role of Vulcan is to help us cut free from bondage and release us from 'entanglements' which restrict and drain our energies. Spiritually, its powerful 1st ray energies, destroy all forms of attachment, creating the power to invoke higher spiritualising forces. He frees man from his imprisoning, immersion into matter, paving the way towards an enlightened expression of his higher nature.

Money matters come primarily under the rulership of Taurus. In the old days, Venus money was given in hard cash. Gold, silver, bronze and nickel coins in a Taurean type, leather pouch, bound with string, was fair recompense for services rendered. Fifty years ago, the little brown envelope, bulging with notes was the recognised payment of the day. In present times, payment of money has evolved from cash, cheques and bank cards, to electronic transfers and internet transactions. Payment of bills, which use to take hours of endless, laborious work, can now be settled on-line freeing us to do so much more with our time. We hardly ever see or feel our monthly earnings any more. Money has become an energy which is exchanged; a mass of meaningless numbers which dictate who we are in the material world. World business, stocks and currency markets fluctuate in 'waves' of electronic buying and selling, dictating the value of commodities. This emerging new financial freedom is influenced by Vulcan's awesome energies.

In ancient Greek mythology, Vulcan was known as Hephaestus, the divine smith, builder and craftsman of the gods. From the bowels of the earth, he forged tools, weapons and all manner of beautiful objects. Some were enchanted with magical powers, which rendered the gods with the ability to fly, become invisible and invincible in combat. He is portrayed as an ugly, deformed and lame god, cast aside, underground, into the darkness of creation. On his anvil, he fashioned his axe, morphologically like Vulcan's hieroglyph, which he used to free Athena from Zeus's axed head. However, he was consort of Venus/Aphrodite, the orthodox ruler of Taurus and goddess of beauty, poise, love and passion! The blending of beauty and brute reflects the artistic, aesthetic and powerfully creative energies of Taurus.




VENUS - Esoteric Ruler of Gemini

Venus, the Esoteric Ruler of Gemini, brings beauty, poise and graciousness to the somewhat unstable energies of Gemini. The concepts of 'union of opposites' and 'divine brotherhood', help us understand the awesome, cosmic qualities which are expressed through Venus.

Venus esoterically is seen as 'the alter ego' of the Earth. She is the highest aspect of mind, unifying Mercury, Gemini's orthodox ruler. Venus is quoted by initiate teachers as being the domain of 'the lords of the flame'. She symbolises man's highest aspirations to communicate with the gods. When man experiences divine unrest, he starts on a spiritual journey to search out his higher nature. Mercury acts as the terrestrial part of mind, Lower Manas, which revels in collecting facts and information. Mercury is the keyboard of a typewriter, providing old-fashioned means of communication. Venus, the embodiment of Higher Manas can be likened to the computer, with its sophisticated circuitry and keyboard. Access to higher communication is domain of Venus.

Venus through Gemini is concerned with higher relationships. Esoteric Astrologers speak of establishing a link to the higher self, through meditation, study and keeping a spiritual diary. Each of these disciplines helps create the 'antakarana', a symbolic bridge to the higher self. This 'stairway to heaven' is constructed out of will, compassion and abstract thought. Light and consciousness focussed through the Ajna Chakra which Venus rules, enhances mans ability to have communion with the gods.

The 'rainbow bridge' is also symbolised in the myth of The Dioscuri, Pollux and Castor. The twin gods, sons of Jupiter (in the guise of a swan) and Leda, were involved in the quest for the Golden Fleece. Castor, the mortal twin was killed; Pollux, the immortal one pleaded with Jupiter to let him accompany his brother into the infernal regions. His immortality denied him access, but due to his deep, brotherly love, Jupiter allowed Pollux to share Castors life on earth. Hence, out of the brothers' fraternal love, he raised both of them into the heavens, transforming them into the twin stars of Gemini.

Union and synthesis with the higher self, is a Venusian attribute. Man's spiritual journey, the path of self-discovery is our ultimate aim. Higher mind understanding is an aspect of divinity, but the discriminating, analytical, concrete knowledge of lower mind is essential. The union of both creates in man a 'Soul Infused Personality', capable of accessing his divine essence.

Venus is concerned with the 'super gifted'; souls of great wisdom, who appear in one of a thousand individuals, incarnating on the planet. Their purpose is to enlighten, lead and heal all Mankind. Some, thrust into hostile environments, 'pearls lost in the mud of matter', are lost; others endure their karma and are recognised. These innovative geniuses need to be plucked out of their environments and prepared for their spiritual destiny. Some of our youth today fall into these categories; The 'Indigo' children may express super giftedness; others who are unrecognised, fall foul to behavioural problems and battle against society's laws and orders. The unfortunate ones end up in institutions and even prison, serving life sentences.

Hence Venus in the horoscope points to where super giftedness can be accessed. Its spiritualising qualities may be thwarted, until the personality is ready to embrace its higher self. The path of enlightenment is shared with Earth, the ruler of Sagittarius, the opposite polarity of Gemini. Venus, the alter ego of the Earth is spiritualising our planet at present. Her divine energies anchored through the super gifted, filter down to humanity, are preparing souls for their accent into the heaven states.

The hieroglyph of Earth represents the spiritualising effect of Venus. The Venusian circle of spirit on top of the cross of matter, become one in the hieroglyph of the Earth. Earth is fast becoming a sacred planet, capable of establishing itself in the pantheon of the heavens as a true light.


The Rising sign indicates :

  • Potential past life patterns 
  • Karmic consequences of rebirth
  • Keys to spiritual gifts and creative talents  
  • Tasks and limitations to be mastered
  • Spiritual disciplines to aid Soul contact
  • The level of Soul development

The sign on the Eastern horizon at birth is called The Rising Sign or The Ascendant. It is the sign which determines The Soul's Purpose in the life. Esoteric Astrology advocates the ascendant as the most important aspect in the horoscope. It acts as a key to unlock the mystery of life, death and rebirth.

Ancient Wisdom proposes the existence of the Higher Self and its ability to reincarnate. It does this through its interaction with matter via the personality, the terrestrial part of itself. The soul anchors itself to the developing embryo which it overshadows. At the time of birth, it becomes united with its developing lower self, setting the path ahead for its potential expression.

The ascendant records the exact time, when man's holistic being emerges from the pre-physical state of unconsciousness, into the conscious state of birth. Therefore the 1st house in Esoteric Astrology is said to be the house of the Soul. It is also more significant than the sun sign, especially when the personality is developing spiritually.

The sign on the ascendant will always straddle the 12th and 1st houses, therefore the ascendant has influence over that which is unconscious and conscious. If the rising sign is in an early degree, then revelation of the Soul's purpose would be unveiled in a series of enlightening experiences, in the current life. With the progressive spiritualization of the personality, by the Soul, energy, symbols and wisdom are injected into the consciousness of the individual.

The Rising Sign therefore acts as a guide to the personality, modifying, enhancing and motivating its expression. Ultimately, when the personality becomes Soul infused, it acts in accordance with Divine Will. 'Not my will, but Thy Will be done', is echoed as the personality begins to express its Soul's Purpose.




Through The Claregate Method of Esoteric Astrological analysis, The Soul's Purpose can be determined. It can be accessed by understanding :


  • The Ascendant Sign
  • The placement of the Esoteric Ruler of the Ascendant
  • The position of the Esoteric Ruler of the sign which is on the cusp of the house
  • Where the Esoteric Ruler of The Ascendant Sign is located

The Ascendant Sign primarily holds the key to The Soul's Purpose. It is further categorised by 2 other vectors mentioned above. The overall 'life's purpose' takes into account various aspects and relationships.

On the outset, each individual has a specific purpose, unique to themselves. In some cases the Soul's Purpose can become obscure and lost in excessive materialism. In these cases, the personality drives the individual's interests. Ultimately there comes a time, where a feeling of depression, alienation and possible ill health, looms over him. He realises there is more to life than the material world. In this period of 'divine unrest', the personality may redeem itself and turn within, to explore a deeper and more fulfilling existence.

Esoteric Astrology takes into account the spiritualising effect of the Higher Self over the Personality. The prime reason for incarnation of the Higher Self through its vehicle, the Personality, is to express its purpose. It is implanted as a cosmic seed, deep within the soul, before the developing human auric field is being formulated for incarnation. The time of birth, chosen by the soul, determines, its purpose in the individual incarnation. It must be remembered that a soul may manifest through many personalities and subsequently have many past lives, in order to fully express its purpose.

The Soul's Purpose may be expressed on various levels of existence. It can be understood in purely material terms or expressed at the highest spiritual level. For example, a car mechanic may continuously get a thrill out of diagnosing and fixing a very complex mechanical problem. He is filled with enthusiasm and energy from within, which boosts his ego. He is able to hand back his clients vehicle, fully serviced and operational.

Equally, the same individual may tire of weeks under leaking vehicles, in the cold and damp. He may suffer various job related illnesses, such as arthritic disorders, chest complaints and chronic hand pain. Through illness, the soul may force him into a career change, in order to express its purpose in a more spiritually rewarding way. Instead of diagnosing and fixing vehicles, he could easily retrain in counselling, where he would be diagnosing and resolving conflicting, human relationship issues!

From there, he may develop an inner urge to represent his clients interests in the political arena. In time, he may be inspired to aim for MP, with the prospects of becoming Prime Minister! The individual with Libra Ascendant and Mars, Saturn and Neptune in Libra in the first could fulfil all these roles!

Esoteric Astrology provides the mechanism to determine, understand and express The Soul's Purpose. Through Esoteric Astrological guidance, the individual can fulfil his incarnation's purpose, access past life information, balance out karmic debts and reclaim hidden spiritual gifts.



 ' there is no religion higher than the truth'