BURNING GROUND,  presents Ancient Wisdom teachings of the East and West. Chris's innovative and dynamic approach, guides one towards personal development and spiritual enlightenment. It is based on the esoteric teachings of Madame Blavatsky's Theosophy, The Arcane Teachings of Alice A. Bailey and Dr. Douglas Baker's Esoteric Astrology, Psychology and Science.















CHRIS KASPARIS provides unique, personal consultations. He is a professional Esoteric Astrologer, with 30 years of experience in interpretation and teaching. An inspired and dynamic lecturer, Chris offers Esoteric Astrology  and Esoteric Psychology Ancient Wisdom talks and seminars to groups, centres and societies.

In 1980, he studied at Claregate College under Dr. Douglas Baker, the eminent master teacher of Esoteric Astrology and Metaphysics. In 1986, he graduated gaining B.Ast and B.Mph qualifications, enabling him to apply Ancient Wisdom teachings on a professional platform.

In 1990, he edited and published Chalice Magazine in Wales. In 2004, he wrote The Burning Ground, the first part of a 3 book, auto-biographical series of novels. Long-knives - Gathering of Dragons has been published and Treachery of the Long-knives is presently in the final stages of production. His book 2012 - The Great Shift was published in November 2011.